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Why Make a Rectangular Grill?

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I have been asked several times "Why did you make your grill rectangular?"  Most people associate a charcoal grill with the shape of the famous Weber kettle charcoal grill.  While this shape has been blindly copied by many companies like Char-Broil, Napolean, and Mastercraft to name a few.  The kettle grill has a well thought out shape for an ocean buoy which is where the shape coves from.  Unfortunately, the uneven heating and large volume it takes up for the size of the grill make it far from ideal for a bbq grill.

A rectangular shape is much better design for a barbecue.  Unlike a kettle grill, a rectangular bottom to the grill allows the entire grilling space to be the same distance to the charcoal giving your grill an even heat distribution.  No need to constantly rotate food from the cool perimeter to the hot center which is common on small kettle grills or large kettle grills when cooking with a full grate.

The rectangular shape also enables the Raptor to have an offset top vent.  This is critical for setting up the grill for offset grilling or smoking.  To do this, mound the charcoal at one end of the grill.  Place your food at the other end with the vent directly over the food.  This will direct the heat up and across the food and then out of the vent.  Optionally, a pan of water can be placed below the food as shown in the picture below to increase the humidity in the grill and prevent your food from drying out.