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Raptor Grilling Featured in Hearth and Home Magazine

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Raptor Grilling is featured in the September 2015 edition of Hearth and Home magazine.  The article titled "Charcoal is Hot - and Cool" is about the comeback of charcoal grilling and how new grills hitting the market are helping to propel the return of the great flavor of charcoal grilling.

The paragraph on the Raptor is below:

"On the portable front, the new Raptor Grill is designed to be highly fuel-efficient – its patent-pending design is able to preserve and reuse much of the charcoal left after a cookout. It is easy to use, quick to cool down, and simple to clean, and at $80, is an affordable option for a quality on-the-go grill."

The full article can be found by subscribers at the following link.


Raptor Grilling Demonstration

Raptor Grilling has created a Youtube channel and posted its first video.  While the video is not very slick or polished, it does a good job of demonstrating how easy it is to relight salvaged charcoal using this new grill.  Please follow the link below to the video.Raptor Demonstration Video

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