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Gas vs. Raptor Grilling's Convenient Charcoal

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There are several articles on the web about charcoal vs. gas grills.  One thing in common among these articles will admit that charcoal grills do, in fact, offer superior flavor.  They will then knock charcoal grills as being hard to start, dirty, and more expensive to operate.  This is true for every weber, char-broil, and Cuisinart charcoal bbq grill on the market.  The Raptor, on the other hand, addresses each of these drawbacks. 

Hard to Start: The Raptor is quicker and easier to start with a charcoal chimney or electric starter than any other grill on the market.  Unlike our competitors barbecue grills which make it difficult to separate the ash from the residual charcoal, if any, for re-lighting, the Raptor is simple with our patent pending charcoal basket with clean external handles.

Dirty: Dirty hands and tables are a thing of the past as our unique features allow you to light, cook and clean your grill without getting any dirtier than you would with a gas grill.  This feature is possible with the Raptor's inverting lid, charcoal basket with external handles, and cooking grate with external handles.

More Expensive to Operate: Finally, the average cost of cooking a full meal on a charcoal grill is around $3.00.  The Raptor cuts this cost down to approximately 70₵.  This cost is very comparable to cooking on a gas grill which is estimated to being around 20₵.  The Raptor still costs a little more, but isn't flavor worth at least 50₵.

These benefits can only be found on the Raptor charcoal grill and won't be found on any Cuisinart, Coleman, Kingsford, Char-Broil or Weber charcoal grills.