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Review of Kansas City's Barbecue Sauces

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Ardie Davis has a comprehensive review of the barbecue sauces available throughout Kansas City in this article from the Kansas City Star.  I have tried a great number of these sauces and can agree with much of his review.  It is an interesting read for any Kansas City barbecue enthusiasts.


Raptor Grilling Featured in Hearth and Home Magazine

Raptor Grilling is featured in the September 2015 edition of Hearth and Home magazine.  The article titled "Charcoal is Hot - and Cool" is about the comeback of charcoal grilling and how new grills hitting the market are helping to propel the return of the great flavor of charcoal grilling.The paragraph on the Raptor is [...]

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How to Smoke Ribs on a Portable Charcoal Grill

Check out our new video on youtube showing how to smoke ribs and how easy it is to set up the Raptor portable charcoal grill for smoking.How to smoke ribs on a Raptor!

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Why Make a Rectangular Grill?

I have been asked several times "Why did you make your grill rectangular?"  Most people associate a charcoal grill with the shape of the famous Weber kettle charcoal grill.  While this shape has been blindly copied by many companies like Char-Broil, Napolean, and Mastercraft to name a few.  The kettle grill has a well thought [...]

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Gas vs. Raptor Grilling's Convenient Charcoal

There are several articles on the web about charcoal vs. gas grills.  One thing in common among these articles will admit that charcoal grills do, in fact, offer superior flavor.  They will then knock charcoal grills as being hard to start, dirty, and more expensive to operate.  This is true for every weber, char-broil, and Cuisinart [...]

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Raptor Grilling Demonstrates Tailgating Features at Royals - Twins Game in Kansas City

Kansas City is known for their world class BBQ and tailgating.  So, naturally, Raptor Grilling is a perfect fit.  The Raptor Grilling team headed to KC to demonstrate the Raptor Grill and partake in this great tailgate experience.   We grilled a great barbecue dinner and let the grill cool while we ate.  The grill was ready to [...]

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Raptor Grilling featured in Tailgater Monthly

Tailgater Monthly, the only magazine dedicated to tailgaiting and homegating, has featured Raptor grilling with a short write-up on the benefits and features of our new grill.  The lead-in to the article is featured prominently on the banner carousel at the tope of the main page.  The full article can be found here:http://tailgater.scout.com/story/1541080-raptor-grilling?s=538

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Raptor Grilling Demonstration

Raptor Grilling has created a Youtube channel and posted its first video.  While the video is not very slick or polished, it does a good job of demonstrating how easy it is to relight salvaged charcoal using this new grill.  Please follow the link below to the video.Raptor Demonstration Video

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Raptor Grilling has just returned from the HPBExpo in Nashville, TN.  We had a great response to the launch of our clean hands Raptor charcoal grill.  We are excited as we develop our new relationships.  Thanks to all that took the time and stopped by our booth.

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Raptor Grilling featured in Hearth and Home's Noteworthy Products

The Raptor fuel-efficient, clean hands charcoal grill was featured online and in an e-mail blast of Noteworthy Products from Hearth and Home magazine ahead of the HPBExpo.  Raptor Grilling continues to receive positive feedback ahead of our product launch.  We are excited as we prepare to exhibit at the HPBExpo.The link to the article from Hearth and [...]

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