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Benefits & Features

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Keep the Flavor, Lose the Mess

Raptor Grilling's unique charcoal grills are designed to save you money by conserving charcoal while keeping your hands, and workplace, clean.  These benefits, and others, are owed to the patent pending features.  Of course, while fuel use is reduced and filth is removed from the grilling process, the superior flavor of charcoal remains.  Click on the links below or visit our youtube page for more details.


Save Money Through Fuel Efficiency

Clean Hands and Clean Workplace

Quick and Easy Lighting With Any Method

Safe Operation

Rapid Cool Down Ideal For Tailgating

High Quality Construction

Unique Primitive Styling


Fuel Efficiency Means Saving Your Money

Most charcoal grills are poorly constructed and use a significantly larger amount of fuel than is necessary to cook your food. Sure, a cheap grill you pay $20 for at your local store sounds inexpensive. However, whenever you use the grill you will burn all, or nearly all, of the fuel that you light. By comparison, you can salvage more than half of your charcoal with a Raptor. If you use your grill once a week, this grill will give save you approximately $112 in the first year of ownership*.  Even when compared to big name, high quality charcoal grills on the market, significant savings in the range of $20 per year can be had.

The ability to salvage fuel comes from the tight tolerances on the air valves and the perimeter lid seal that chokes off air flow once the cooking is complete. Without air, the charcoal extinguishes and the remaining fuel and, once sifted from the ash using the grate handles, can be used for the next cooking experience. 

The picture below shows charcoal that was saved in the Raptor after grilling 4 x 1/2 lb hamburgers.  In this case, only half of the grill was used to cook the burgers but 74.9% of the charcoal used was salvaged for the next cooking experience.


Compare the airflow from the perimeter of the lid of the Raptor grill is compared to a big name competitor in the pictures below.  The smoke we see escaping the competitors grill demonstrates the airflow continuing to enter and exit the grill which allows the charcoal to burn unnecessarily.  Your charcoal, and your money, are literally going up in smoke.




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Clean Hands and Clean Workspace

Most people will agree that cooking a meal on a charcoal barbeque grill provides a significantly more flavorful experience than one prepared on a gas grill. Despite the preference for the flavor provided by a charcoal grill, more people opt to use a gas grill. One major complaint of a charcoal grill is that they are dirty, soiling their hands, clothes and workplace with black charcoal powder and white ash. Adding fuel, rearranging the fuel prior to lighting, and cleaning the grill requires direct handling of charcoal, ash, and the grates inside the grill. All of these activities transfer filth to the user’s hands, table and clothes.


The Raptor Grill allows you to keep the charcoal flavor but lose the mess.  This is accomplished by eliminating the need to be in contact with charcoal, ash or the grime inside the grill. The patent pending handles that attach to the grates within the grill remain clean and allow for easy use of the grill without requiring direct contact of parts or fuel inside the grill. All steps in the lighting, grilling and cleaning process are covered:

  • Adding charcoal to the grill
  • Starting the grill with a charcoal chimney
    • Sifting and salvaging residual charcoal from prior cookouts
    • Transferring residual fuel from the grill to a charcoal chimney
  • Starting the grill with an electric starter
    • Mounding the charcoal to over the electric starter
    • Spreading the coals for even heat once started
  • Starting the grill with lighter fluid
    • Mounding the charcoal to prepare for lighting with lighter fluid
    • Spreading the coals for even heat
  • Removing the top grate to retrieve food that drops below
  • Removing and storing the grates and salvaged fuel to empty the ash from the base after use 

In addition to clean hands, the Raptor Grill also will keep your table and patio clean.  The lid features four legs shaped intot a raptor's toe claw on the top.  When the lid is off the grill, it can be inverted where only the clean lid handle is in contact witht he table.  Once inverted, the lid can be used to support the charcoal basket and top grate during grill preparation, lighting, and cleaning.  This feature keeps these dirty, and sometimes hot, components from soiling or burning your table.


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Quick and Easy Lighting Without Lighter Fluid

Here at Raptor Grilling, we love using charcoal chimneys.  No doubt, charcoal grills can offer superior flavor to their gas counterparts but, when using lighter fluid, sometimes the fluid can impart a bad taste on your food.  Because of this, Raptor Grilling's grills have been designed to make use of charcoal chimneys, electric starters, or starting sticks quick, easy, and above all clean. 

The sequence below shows how easy it is to light a grill with a charcoal chimney without getting your hands dirty. 


1) Lift the fuel basket by the clean, external handles and give it a shake to separate the ash from the salvaged charcoal from your last cooking event.


2) Store the basket, grate, and salvaged fuel in the inverted lid and empty the loose ash from the base of the grill.


3) Insert newspaper in the bottom of the chimney per the manufacturers recommendations.  Pour the residual charcoal through the opening in the basket directly into the charcoal chimney.


4) Add fresh charcoal if required. Transfer the chimney and fuel basket back to the base pan and light the chimney.


5) Once the chimney is up to temperature, pour the hot coals into the charcoal basket.


6) If necessary, the positioning of the charcoal can be adjusted by gently shaking the basket using the basket and grate handles to distribute the coals.  Except under extreme operating conditions, the handles remain cool during operation and are safe to touch.  When adjusting the distribution of fuel in the grill, it is recommended to keep the basket inside the base pan with the transfer hole tipped up to prevent hot coals and cinders from escaping the grill.

In addition to charcoal chimneys, the Raptor makes lighting the grill with an electric starter or lighting sticks easy as well. 

1) Once the ash has been sifted, simply shake the charcoal to one end of the basket and place the electric starter at the other end as shown below.


Then, gently shake the charcoal to cover the electric starter or starter sticks.  Add any additional charcoal needed on top of the starter and plug it in or light it.


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Safe Operation

Raptor grills are designed to keep the hot coals and ash inside the grill.  While this may sound like common sense, many competitors allow a free passage of the hot coals outside of the firebox.  In addition to the safety concerns that arise from our competitor's design, the open firebox concept leads to ash freely polluting your workspace as can be seen in the pictures below. 


By comparison, the Raptor has an ash shield that prevents ash and hot coals from escaping the firebox reducing the risk of getting burned, starting a fire, and polluting your workspace with ash and small chunks of charcoal. 

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Rapid Cool Down

The Raptor Grill features which allow for the reduction in charcoal use offer another benefit, rapid cool down.  This is an important feature for those that tailgate before their favorite sporting event.  Within about an hour, the combustion in the grill has tapered off enough that the outer surface of the grill is just above room temperature.  A chart of the cooldown time for the Raptor can be seen below.

Another benefit is that the faster the grill cools down, the fewer opportunities that someone or something can be burned by the grill.  Once the grilling is complete, it is desireable to have a cool grill.  Regardless of the speed at which any grill cools down, it is important to note that all grills should be treated as though they are hot.


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High Quality Construction

The Raptor Grill is made with high quality materials to promote a long lifetime of the grill.  Thick 20 gauge steel is used for the firebox and lid to allow for tightly controlled tolerances and durability against any incidental impacts while traveling.  These sheet metal parts are ceramic enamel coated for superior corrosion prevention and long lasting shine.

Durable nylon lid handle keeps the handle cool during operation but is strong enough to withstand impact loads. The connection of the lid handle to the lid is supported at four points in order to reduced denting of the lid if the handle takes an impact load.  These four connection points also offer better control when handling a hot lid. 

The fuel basket is made from thick steel wire with a tighter spacing than most commercial products on the market in order to retain smaller, but useful charcoal pieces to maximize the re-use of charcoal for your next grilling event.  Likewise, the food grate is also made from large diameter steel wire.  Both basket and grate along with the vents, legs and ash shield are chrome plated to resist corrosion for long life of the grill.

The grill is assembled with lock washers and locking nuts in order to keep the fasteners tight and resist loosening of critical grill parts.

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Unique Styling With a Primitive Look

Dromeosaurs were a family of carnivour and omnivour dinosaurs commonly referred to as "raptors" that lived in the late Cretaceous period.  These dromeosaurids came in many shapes and sizes.  One prominent feature commonly found on raptors is the famous toe claw.  This claw was held up while running but could be flexed like a switchblade to take down it's prey.  The shape of the toe claw was the inspiriation for the lid handle.  The legs which hold the lid up when it is inverted are not only functional but also provide the primitive look that hearkens back to some of the best predators that the world has ever seen.


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If you have any questions about our products, please contact us.


* Savings calculations assume grilling six 1/4 lb hamburgers once a week at a charcoal cost of $0.90/lb on a Raptor as compared to a typical "full burn" charcoal grill.