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Raptor portable charcoal grill featuring charcoal saving and clean hands technology
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Rethinking The Charcoal Grill To Cut Mess & Save You Money

Raptor Grilling - The Fuel Saving, Clean Hands Charcoal Grill from Raptor Grilling on Vimeo.

The Raptor is a unique portable charcoal grill that offers the following great benefits:

Fuel saving charcoal grill Maximum Fuel Efficiency saves you over $100 each year in charcoal costs*

Raptor clean hands charcoal grill Clean Hands Technology allows you to never touch charcoal or ash

Raptor grill fastest cooling charcoal grill Fastest Cool Down from cooking to room temp in about an hour is ideal for tailgating

superior charcoal flavor Superior Flavor from grilling or smoking is easy with the rectangular grill and offset lid vent

raptor has a huge 230 square inch grill surface Huge Cooking Surface of 230 square inches can cook for up to 16 people at one time

Raptor is ideal for camping Travel Light with no need to pack extra charcoal for those multi-day camping trips

Raptor Grill is safer than other leading brands Safe Operation is enabled by keeping the hot coals and ash in the grill

High Quality Raptor Grill High Quality Construction enables long life of the grill for maximum value


When the complete ownership experience of the Raptor is compared to Lodge, Char-Broil, and Weber grills on sale in this class, the Raptor compares very favorably. 

Feature Comparison


  Weber  Jumbo Joe

Char-Broil  CB Collect

Lodge Sportsman

Initial Price green-dot-trans.png green-dot-trans.png red-dot-trans.png yellow-dot-trans.png
1st Year Cost of Ownership* green-dot-trans.png yellow-dot-trans.png red-dot-trans.png red-dot-trans.png
5 Year Operating Cost** green-dot-trans.png red-dot-trans.png red-dot-trans.png red-dot-trans.png
Cooking Features
Size of Cooking Surface green-dot-trans.png green-dot-trans.png green-dot-trans.png red-dot-trans.png
Clean Hands Lighting green-dot-trans.png red-dot-trans.png red-dot-trans.png red-dot-trans.png
Clean Hands Cleaning green-dot-trans.png red-dot-trans.png red-dot-trans.png red-dot-trans.png
Ease of Water Smoking green-dot-trans.png green-dot-trans.png
green-dot-trans.png red-dot-trans.png
Superior Charcoal Flavor green-dot-trans.png green-dot-trans.png
Tailgating / Camping / Traveling
Cool-Down Time green-dot-trans.png red-dot-trans.png red-dot-trans.png red-dot-trans.png
Weekend Charcoal Use green-dot-trans.png red-dot-trans.png red-dot-trans.png red-dot-trans.png
Fully Contains Charcoal green-dot-trans.png red-dot-trans.png green-dot-trans.png green-dot-trans.png

* First Year Cost of Ownership includes the initial purchase price plus charcoal used

** 5-Year operating Cost ratings are based on charcoal use


An overview of the Raptor's features are shown below. These features make the Raptor the best portable charcoal grill for your home, camping trips, tailgating, and general cooking for real BBQ flavor.

exploded view of the raptor charcoal grill showing unique features

Click on the video below to see the Raptor grill in action.